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[PORTABLE] Easy File Renamer 2.3 Crack [ Latest Version ]

Easy File Renamer 2.3 Crack [ Latest Version ]
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April 8, 2021 Rename & Organizing files on your PC & Cloud - save your time and resources Effort. Use more than 5 advanced features of Easy File Renamer: Batch file rename with, .
.bak, .tmp, .zip, .com, .bat, .cmd, and .vbs.
Replace, delete, modify and merge files using shortcuts and command line switches.
Customize files with default and mask names.
Create backup copies of files using ZIP, SFX, BAK or TAR archive.
Use over 20 built-in utilities to automate the process - just paste files or directories into the command line!
Replace strings, quotes and spaces.
Create shortcuts for Windows and Mac to speed up the process. fe70933767